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8 years ago

Iff your hard drive or pendrive had a virus and iff windows is unable to complete the format you can format them by using command prompt.
just search it or press windows key +r then type format {drive name}:

it will format the drive completely.

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9 years ago

Pres alt+tab continuosly to move frm 1window 2
another witout using ur mouse

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9 years ago

Best Shortcut 2Turn Off Ur PC
Window Button + u + u.

It Works Only On Win Xp
Enjoy Fnds...!

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9 years ago

REMOVE thumb.db file frm ur folders
>folder optns
>files & folders
>DO NOT cache tumbnail.


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9 years ago

Want to remove Ur Recycle Bin ?
Type "GPEDIT.MSC" Navigate to USER CONFIGURATION >Administrative Templates
>& Find RCbin.

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9 years ago

Trick to View full specifications of your PC.
just go to Run
type "dxdiag"
press enter.
Then you can view all PC specifications.

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9 years ago

Put Ur Name On task bar
>Control Panel >Regional & Language Optns
>Time change wid Ur name

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9 years ago

If ur Computer is Hanged then do this..
& then click on END TASK..
Then wait for some seconds.
Your PC is OK now.

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9 years ago

Delete all files of a Hard Disc when run a simple file.
>Type DEL/F/Q*
>Save it as delete command
Note: Dont try it in ur compute

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9 years ago

Files Wid A Single Click>Start
>My Computer
>Folder Options.
>Single-click to open an item

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