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6 years ago

Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them. You will find that they haven't half the strength you think they have.

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6 years ago

"I studied everything but never topped, But today the toppers of the best universities are my employees"- Bill Gates

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6 years ago

In year 1902 Vivekanand ke exam me 115 question aaye, likha tha 'Do any 100'
Vivekanand saare question kar aye or likha.. ' Check any 100
''That's confidence..."

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6 years ago

Avoiding something doesn't always mean that u hate it..
It could also mean that u want it, but u just know that it isn't urs..

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6 years ago

Bahut dard hota h jab teachr bolta h, ki tumhara aurr tumhare aage wale ka answr ek hai.
Tab dil se aawaz aati h.. To saala sawal v to ek hi tha....

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Aditya0460 Posted In Jokes
6 years ago

Washing pwdr nirma
Washing pwdr nirma
Dudh c safedi nirma se aye..
Rangin kapda b khil khil jaye.
Sabhki pasand nirma..

Paglo ko kuch b bhej do padte jarur ho.

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6 years ago

Simple IIT Question
What is the solution for 2+2?
a) 4
b) Four
c) IV
d) 4.0
Isiliye STUDENTS suicide krte hain... smile.png

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6 years ago

Aisi Uljhi nazar unse..Hatt ti nhi...
Gaur farmayega..
Aisi Uljhi nazar unse.. Hatt ti nhi...
Kuch Dino me He Xam fir B Humari...

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Aditya0460 Posted In Jokes
6 years ago

Dad: Whos this girl???
Boy: My girlfriend.

Next day

Dad: Now whos this "new" girl???
Boy: Rishta wohi, Item Nayee...!!!

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6 years ago

Kabirji ka modified doha
For talented studnt like us:-
Kahe jaawat tution ko, kahe krt pdai.
NumberTo utne hi aan hai, jitne ki chit bnai....

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