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8 years ago

Heart is d Only Machine
dat Works Without any Repairing fr Yrs.!
evn When
it is Broken.

Keep it Alwys Happy
Wether it's Ours
or Others.

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8 years ago

"Heart nver frget d spcial people 4 whom it cares"

Though daily strugle of life puts us a bit apart,
U r alwys remembrd
by dIs swt Li'l Heart.

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8 years ago

When U Get Attracted To
Someone, U Realize What Is

Love ??? But, When That

Someone Starts Avoiding U, U

Realize What Is Life.Life teaches u a lot
So true..

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8 years ago

Good day is not created by GOD,
Not designed by ur parents,
Not prepared by u,
Good day is created only by

Britannia Company.

Tin Tin Tidin..

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8 years ago

Luvly relations r lyk a"RING"!
Wen u WEAR it,
It'l HOLD ur finger TIGHTLY,
& wen u REMOVE it,
it'l surely make u feel itz ABSENCE wid a MARK..!so true!!!!!!!!!

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Sumeet Posted In Jokes
8 years ago

A man got 2 wishes frm God. He immdtly wished for the best DRINK & d best WOMAN. THe next moment he got MINERAL WATER & MOTHER TERESA.

MORAL - Investment is subject to market risks. Plz read the offer document carefully before investing smile.png

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