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6 years ago

My love to u which is now OUR love is n should be seen as a sunflower during the spring season which will keep on blossoming even if winter approaches, it keeps on blossoming. Believe me, you are the fresh queen of my heart…

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6 years ago

Kash khuda ne hame kitab banaya hota aur aapko padne ke liye banaya hota aap padte padte so jate aur hame Sine se lagaya hota. truely love for R.
By Vikram Dhaker

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6 years ago

When a battered wife learns to fight back, blame the husband. He showed signs of weakness. When a battered husband learns to fight back, blame the wife. She took too far.

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6 years ago

I Can-t Make People Love Me 4ever, All I Can Do Is sHow Them Who I Am &amp What I Feel.. &amp Its Up 2 Them 2 Realize My WORTH!

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6 years ago

If in the dark… we lose sight of love.. hold my hand &amp have no fear.. we-ll be together, I will be here

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6 years ago

Without love,days are:

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6 years ago

Great minds contain ideas, solutions and reasons scientific minds contain formulas, theories and figures my mind contains only you!

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6 years ago

Every sms u send I keep inside my heart, every word u say touches upon my soul… we may not see each other but u will always be someone special to me..

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6 years ago

FrndsP IS lyk a bird if u hold it ti8ly it dies ,if u keep it li8ly,it flies away ,if u hold it lovly it clings to our hands..
-By Uday

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6 years ago

An Excellent Quote:
I Believe In Luv At First Sight!
I Hav LUvd My Mother Evr Since I Opend My Eyes!

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