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9 years ago

Ek din vo mile khwab me.. Hamne puchha kyon thukraya apne?.. Hamne dekha to unke ankho me bhi ansu the... Phir.. Kaise puchhte kyon rulaya apne...?

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9 years ago

Every heart knows how to beat the feelings.
But sum heart knows how to response the feels.
So feel d feels & dont hurt others feels..

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9 years ago

Which is d most beautiful feeling in the world?

When your eyes are trying to look at "someone" and you find that person is already looking at "U"...

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9 years ago

a better relationship needs just 2 things: A little time to be spent heartly...&A Little care to be given truely

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9 years ago

Teri donti mein kuch aisi baat hai.har waqt teri yaad mere saath hai.dil chahta hai ke tujhe tujh hi se churalu.par mummy kehte hai chori karna buri baat hai.

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9 years ago

I hope you wake up and it suddenly hits you that there wasn't a person inthis world who loved you as much as I loved you.

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9 years ago

Ajnabi Ki Trah Mile or Ulfat Ho Gyi
Ajnabi Dost Aisa Mile Ki Dosti Ho Gyi
Sachi Dosti Ka Irada Tha Unse
Lekin Muje Unse Sachi Mohabt Ho Gayi

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9 years ago

A Beautiful Line Said By A guy 2 The gal He Loved...
"I Would fight wid The Whole World With Just 1 Hand...
If U R Holding d othersmile.png

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9 years ago

''Love Me Dont Hate Me,,B'coz u're Love is my Life...
U're Hate is my Death''

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9 years ago

Kaise "BhuLa "DeTe HaiN LoG
"TeRi Is "KhuDai" Ko "Ya" "RaB

HuMse To
"TeRa "BaNaYa HuAa
Ek "ShaKs "BhuLaYa" NaHi JaTa .."

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