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9 years ago

The right reason for having two girfriends.... .. .. everyone knows "monoply is always damaging And competiton improves service"

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9 years ago

Kisina kisipe kisiko aitbar ho jata he, ajnabi koi shaks yar ho jata he, khubiyo se nhi hoti mohabat sada,kamiyo se bi aksar pyar ho jata he

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9 years ago

God sprinkles tiny but wonderful seeds of blessings on earth each day…and I just caught one that-s so nice and true…It-s you!

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9 years ago

A true lover irritates wen u say I-M SAD, laughs wen u say I-M SORRY,Smiles wen u say MISS U, kicks wen u say I-M BUSY..!

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9 years ago

One day you will
wake up and realize how
perfect she was, When that
day comes she will be
waking up beside the man
who already knew.

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9 years ago

wen a guy tellz u that he luvz u from the bottom of his heart b careful 4 this may mean dat…….!!!!!!…….. he has enuf space 4 another girl on the top of his heart!!!!!

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9 years ago

U are the sun in my day...
The wind in my sky...
The waves in my ocean...
And the beat in my heart...!!

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9 years ago

Remember that there will always be someone who remembers u everyday with or without messages

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9 years ago

All i need is ur love,al i need is ur support.
Stand with me,i will bring this world at ur feet
Live with me,to know how much i love you..
-By Abhi

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9 years ago

There Were Times You Make Me Cry… Looking 4 A Reason Why… There Were Times You Make Me Fly…Stay With Me Until I Die…Stay With Me…

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