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8 years ago


D o n - t

K n o w

W h a t

I s

R o m a n c e


N e e d

O n e

G i r l

T o

T e a c h

M e .. =P ->

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8 years ago

I lovE wOmeN.
I -L O v e- tHe wAy thEy lOoK,
i - L o V E- thE Way thE SmELL.
IF I FliRt
it-s bCz i fAnCy thEm =P->

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8 years ago

Latest way 2 propose a girl

Boy: Excuse me..!

Girl: Jee

Boy: Mere hone wale Bachon ki taraf se apko Happy Mothers Day

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8 years ago

-good boys are found in every corner of the earth..


unforunately the earth is round..- smile.png

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8 years ago

if U Want To Express Ur Love.THEN Go infront Of Ur Lover Close Ur feet aNd Say I Love You. . .
becoz "jO jhoot Paon Jor Kr bola Jaye Wo Pakra Nahi Jata"

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8 years ago

Bitterly Crying Words:-

One Day you will look back

& think


That Girl really did love me..

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8 years ago

Never say "I Love U"
If You don-t really Care

Never talk of Feelings
If they aren-t really there

Never hold ny hand
If You mean to break my Heart

Never say forever
If You ever plan to part

Never look into My Eyes
If You are telling me a lie

Never say Hello
If You think You-ll say Good-bye

Never say I-m the one
If You dream of more then Me

Never lock-up My Heart
If You don-t have the key !!!

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8 years ago

A Sad girl was sitting with her boyfriend..

Boy: U r d second most beautiful girl I-ve ever seen

Girl: Who-s the first?

Boy: It-s YOU! When u smile..!

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8 years ago

A Boy Said 2 His Fiancee:Jano Now Its Time That I Tell You All Of My Affairs.

fiancee: But You Have Told Me Already And I Also Forgave You.
Boy: "Lekin ye To 2 Haftay Purani Bat Hai"

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8 years ago

Pakistani Guy-s TOP 10 lies-
1. I love u
2. Im single
3. Im not a player
4. I m very sincear with u
5. I m only your-s
6. U can trust me
7. I cnt marry u, family wont agree
8. Talk to you later, need to take my mum somewhere.
9. You are my life, can-t even think of living without u
10. Call you back inabit.

Send to all girls to warn them and snd to boys so they can laugh coz they knw its true-)

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