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6 years ago

Eyes speak more when a heart starts listening to you silently And life seems to be more exicting when you start reading eyes silently...

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6 years ago

Accidents do happen.i slip- i trip- i stumble- i fall &amp usually i dont care at all.but now i dont know what to do cos i slipped and fell in love with u

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6 years ago

&quotA hug 4u
means I need u.
A kiss 4u means
&quotI Luv u.
A SMS 4u
means I-m missing u Dear..
I love U&quot

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6 years ago

agar hum na hote to tujhe ghazal kaun kahta,
tere chehre ko kamaal kaun kahta,
yeh to karishma hai mohabbat ka,
warna pathharoN (stones) ko taj mahal kaun kaheta....

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6 years ago

What I feel for you,is really true. You got to know,I need you so. When you are gone,I can-t go on. Can-t you see, that you are the only one for me..

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6 years ago

Some flowers grow best in the sun others do well in the shade. God plants us where we grow best and gives us loved ones to grow with.

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6 years ago

It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, hrs to like someone,and takes a lifetime to forget someone.

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6 years ago

HUG means Wen U Luv D Soul Of Sum1 Too Much & U Cant Dscrbe Ur Feeling By Any Comunication & Want 2 Gv A Luving Touch 2 Dat 1 Whom U Luv!

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6 years ago

No matter how sad, no matter how sick, I feel better just thinking of you… but i-m happier each time i send you a message ‘coz i know i-ll be DISTURBING YOU!

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6 years ago

The sweetest words ever said by someone in True Love
"I-m jeolous of the people u ever hugged..
Because 4 a moment they hold my whole world.

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