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6 years ago

2 live a life i need heartbeat,2hv hrtbeat i ned a hrt,2hv heart i need hapnes,2hv hapins i ned a frnd &amp 4 a frnd i ned u alwys.

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6 years ago

Only open hearts receives love,only the open mind receives feelings, only the open hand receives touches, only the sweetest one receives my msgs..

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6 years ago

I would like to be a tear, born in your eyes, alive passing your cheeks and dieing on your lips.

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6 years ago

You do not know the effect you have on me because every time I see you my heart begins to smile.

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6 years ago

Whenever u want to see me..

Just close
ur eyes...
I am with u
only a heart beat away..

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6 years ago

Love can tear you apart… it can kill you. But if you-re lucky, it can put you back together.

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6 years ago

I luv my eyes when u look into them I luv my name when u say it I luv my heart when u luv it I luv my life when you are in it.

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6 years ago

50 years from now, id be so old, I might forget u. I might not remember ever knowing you, or might forget I once cared for you. I might… But I won-t.

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6 years ago

Superb Quote:
"The Worst Pain In Life is When Someone u Know Turns Into Someone u Knew"
Plz Read Carefully!

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6 years ago

2TeAr Drops wer Flowin down d Rivr
1sAid 2d othr,Im d teAr drop f Guy who Lovd &amp nvr Exprsd.
Who r u..
Im d teAr drop of d gAl ho ws waitin 4him..

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