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6 years ago

Pee k raat ko usko ham bhulane lage Sharab me gum ko gholkar khane lage Yeh daru bhi kambakht bewfa nikli Nashe me vo aur yaad ane lage

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6 years ago

No, I can-t erase the wrong I-ve done but I hope you can give me another chance. Because if you were me, you would want the same and I-d give that chance to you.

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6 years ago

If u say my eyes are beautiful, its b-coz they are looking at u, for my eyes are just the windows my feelings come thru!! If girls are made of sugar

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6 years ago

Diffrence btwn LOVE n CRUSH

when you like a person n you know why you like him: CRUSH

but when you like a person n you dont know why: LOVE

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6 years ago

If I hav a Heart Attack, then
that-s all bcuz of u, cuz,
u r in my heart with anothor heart
that is ur heart,
which is striking my heart and say,
I LOVE U! (That-s Seceret)

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6 years ago

Do u know why God created gaps between fingers.. so that some who is very special to u comes and fills those gaps by holding your hands forever.

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6 years ago

Do you love me because I am beautiful
or am I beautiful because I am loved..

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6 years ago

one day a lucky star drop on earth.he ask me what u need..a smart,lovely,good,sexy girl or a million dollar.i replaid him i need a million dollar.bcoz i have u…

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6 years ago

If i could be any part of U Id be ur tear,To be conceived in ur heart born in ur eyes… Live on ur cheeks and die on ur lips…..

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6 years ago

They say it takes a minute 2 fine a special person, an hour 2 appreciate them, a day 2 love them, but then an entire life 2 forget them

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