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veeresh143 Posted In Jokes
9 years ago

why didnt u give me anything for my birthday?

boy: u told me to surprise u.....

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9 years ago

Life is like a sea, u are moving without an end. Nothing stays with us. What remains is just d memories of some people who touched us as waves.!

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9 years ago

Height of good luck!
Teacher: hey! Stand up. Tell me two pronouns.

student: who? Me?

teacher: very good. Sit down....

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9 years ago

Great words: the difference between a corrupt & honest person is.....?? the corrupt person has PRICE & THE HONEST PERSON HAS VALUE

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9 years ago

Mistakes, Failures & Rejections are part
of progress and growth! Nobody ever
achieved anything worth while
without facing these things! Allow
your Determination to achieve
Overcome your fears!

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9 years ago

if u want to put too much of love on someone
u have to be equally prepared to take even more amount of pain from the same person......

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9 years ago

every garden most have a Rose,
every sweet face must have a Smile,
every grass must have dew &
every person must have A SWEET FRIEND like u.

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veeresh143 Posted In Jokes
9 years ago

boy: what u think about our love?

girl: try to count the stars in the sky.

boy: awww. . it's infinite?

girl: no darling! It's a waste of time!

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9 years ago

superb love quote by a broken lover

you hurt me more than i deserve

is it just because, i loved u more then what u deserve.

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9 years ago

Feel good when somebody Miss u.
Feel better when somebody Loves u.
But feel best when somebody never
forgets u.

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