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6 years ago

never have those people who are jealous of you.
But, respect their jealousy because they r d ones who think that you r better than them. . . .

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6 years ago

The PLUS symbol is made with A Pair of MINUS Symbols.
things can be
shared As
just be +ve in your WALK OF

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6 years ago

correction: JNTUA
two best secrets
to keep
Whenever u r wrong -Always
accept it...!!
whenever u r right
-just keep QUIET

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6 years ago

i always miss people close to me, wen alone....
But I Failed to realise dat people r born to lead their own life not to be with me

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6 years ago

don't fear facing failer in the first attempt bcoz even successful maths starts with zero...!

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6 years ago

you will definitely succeed in your life

if you follow all the advices...
That you give to others.!

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6 years ago

Like if you ever said this to your teacher ...
Sir, I did My homework, but forgot it at home..!!

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6 years ago

If u drop me I'll break
If u hold me I'll shake
If u need me I'll hurry,
If u don't call me I'll worry
If u leave me I'll die

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6 years ago

believe where others doubt.
Work where others refuse,
save where others waste,
stay where others quit,
and you will win
where others lose.

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6 years ago

a real boy know how to value a relationship.

no matter how many girls come,
he doesn't care.

bcoz for him,

his girl is d best

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