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8 years ago

i may pretend i have 4gotten U in front of others.
my heart always whispers.
4getting is the matter of mind not heart.

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8 years ago

silent words from my heart:

living with d memories of our frozen feelings iz much one better then touchin a wrong persons heart again n again

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8 years ago

do not waste your time with jealousy, sometimes you are ahead and sometimes behind,
the race is long and in the end you are only hurting yourself.

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8 years ago

old friends are GOLD! New friends r DIAMOND! If u get DIAMOND don't forget the GOLD, bcoz to hold a DIAMOND in a ring u need a base of GOLD

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8 years ago

keys to a good relationship:

to accept each other's faults, to discussan not argue, and always do your best to control ur feelings when upset

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8 years ago

everyone in you r life will hurt you today or tomorrow but you have to decide what is more importent. . . ?
The pain or the person

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8 years ago

the person who likes
lot will always do two things extremely for u,
silently caring
openly hurting
to make u

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8 years ago

two rules for a peaceful life:

be the 1st to say sorry when the dear one is hurt by u
be the 1st to forgive if the dear one hurts u!

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veeresh143 Posted In Jokes
8 years ago

boys enjoy by insulting each other, bt they don't really mean it.

girls enjoy by complimenting don't really mean it either.

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8 years ago

in today life,
love marriage means

to marry ur own lover

arranged marriage means
to marry others lover

it hurts, bt its 100% true

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