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9 years ago

no one ever gets tired of LOVING.
But. .
Everyone gets
tired of WAITING,
PROMISES, saying
SORRY, and all
the HURTING. . !!

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9 years ago

inspiring lines:



there should not b A FAILURE To ATTEMPT.

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9 years ago

respect the OLD
wen u r YOUNG.
help the WEAK
wen u r STRONG
forgive the FAULT
wen u r RIGHT
1 day in LIFE u
may be OLD,
weak & wrong.

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veeresh143 Posted In Jokes
9 years ago

i found alladdin's lamp! I asked him to increase ur memory power 10 times more.
He laughd & told multiplication does not apply on zero

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9 years ago

-do what makes you happy
-be with who makes you smile
-laugh as much as you breathe
-love as long as you live

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9 years ago

in food, its not about the LOOK
n the STYLES. Its all bout d TASTE. .
in a PERSON, its not about the FACE n the LOOKS. it's all about d HEART

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9 years ago

miss anything for your best life


don't miss your best life for anything.!!

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9 years ago

we nevr knw why v lyk sum1
more dan others.
Why v luv sum1 widout reasns.
Y v feel happy wid der presnce.
Bcoz sum relations hav no xplanation

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9 years ago

"Value of relation"
is not that how much you feel happy
with some one . . .
But it is that
how much some one feels ALONE
without eve frenzz...

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9 years ago

if u drop me i'll
if u hold me i'll
if u need me i'll
if u don't call me
i'll worry
if u leave me i'll die

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