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8 years ago

"Miss me or hate me" as both r in my favour.
If u miss me i'll alwys b in ur heart.
If u hate me i'll always be in ur mind
Dats my frndship

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8 years ago

"Sweet Night,"
"Fine Night,"
"Lovely Night,"
"Beautiful Night,"
"Happy Night,"
"Nice Night,
"Likely Night,
"I think it's a

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8 years ago

Friendship is Not a Show by Calling or Sending msg..
It's Understanding of Two Minds & keep Remembering in Hearts..
That's true Frndship..

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8 years ago

"God doesn't give any problem beyond ur CAPACITY. If U have any problem that means U definitely have the capability of SOLVING it.."gud evng

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8 years ago

wat u want
isn't always
wat u get.
But at d end,
wat u get
will b much better dan
wat u wanted.
Trust life,
it's always beautiful

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8 years ago

Without grlfrnd man is a SPIDERMAN,
aftr finding a girl SUPERMAN,
aftr engagement GENTLEMAN,
aftr marriage WATCHMAN n
aftr ten yrs DOBERMAN.

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8 years ago

Sumtimes situation makes u 2 hate sum1.!
But,dont hate that person.
Just hate that situation.!
Nobody is bad,
situations makes a person bad!

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8 years ago

What is the main reason for every misunderstanding?
The Reason is, we see the people as we are,
But not as they are..

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veeresh143 Posted In Jokes
8 years ago

Dear God,
Please give me strength to pay my:
Income Tax,
Service Tax,
Excise Duty,
Customs Duty,
Property Tax,
Stamp Duty,
Water Tax,
Professional Tax,
Road Tax,
Education Cess,
Wealth Tax,
Capital Gain Tax,
Congestion Levy etc etc etc.
And don't forget:
Chanda etc.
If I have some money left after that I will do business.
Yours Sincerly
- Angry Indian !

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8 years ago

Salam…h r u??
I want to give u a good news…
I m going To England on study visa…
Misu 4ever…
Dont Worry The Flight Is After 1 Day.
After 1 Day Is 1st April,

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