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9 years ago

Dont allow d negative responses of others to determine ur value. Who are they to judge u anyway. Peopleare not d experts of ur worth. Its God

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9 years ago

If you want to be strong, be patient,thoughtful and understanding. Anyone can be rude but it takes realstrength to be kind and polite..

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9 years ago

Destiny is something you've invented, because you can't stand the fact that everything that happens is the result of your choice.

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9 years ago

Always do what u want,don't mind what other people might say because whether u do it or not... other people has something to

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9 years ago

some times we fail to understand the feelings of very close people in our life..
bcoz, a book held very near to eyesis very difficult to read!

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9 years ago

There are 3 kinds of students:
1.Some make wonders happen.
2.Some see wonders happen.
3.Others wonder what happened...

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9 years ago

Nice saying:
Sorry works when mistake is made
Sorry doesn't work when trust is broken.
So in life do mistakes bt never break the trust!!

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9 years ago

A passi0nate 0ne:
dont w0rry if 0thrs d0nt undrstnd u..
w0rry 0nly if u cnt undrstnd urslf.!
Live in ur passi0n & l0ve ur lyf.

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9 years ago

Every heart knows how to beat the feelings.
But sum heart knows how to response the feels.
So feel d feels & dont hurt others feels..

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9 years ago

Meaningful MsG:
A Tongue Has No Bones..But It Can Break A Heart&Also It Can Be A PillarOf Building A Broken Heart.

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