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9 years ago

I hope you wake up and it suddenly hits you that there wasn't a person inthis world who loved you as much as I loved you.

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9 years ago

The Most difficult task for a
student is......?
1) Waiting for the lecture to end
2) Stop laughing at teacher...grin.png
3) Controlling sleep in class
4) Attending class without
bunking tongue.png
5) Studying
6) All of the above
7) To behave like a student :E
glasses.png To reach class before
attendance :-l
9) To bear a dumb teacher :/
10) To tackle crazy teachers..!

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9 years ago

When you Want
more time to take correct decision
then remember
"even a correct decision is wrong when its too late"
Life is game of TIME.

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9 years ago

Teacher: 1 Book + 1 Book ?
Student: 2 Books
Teacher: 2 Books + 2 Books ?
Student: 4 Books
... Teacher: (now i'll ask U a tough 1)!
61,789,365 Books + 23,678,989 Books ?? :x
Student: ..LIBRARY.. grin.png tongue.png

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9 years ago

Always dO what u want, dOn't mind what other peOple might say,
'cause, whether u dO it or nOt...
peOple always have something tO comment.

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9 years ago

Really True:
'Haters don't really hate u...
They hate themselves because you're a reflection of what they wish to be. frown.png

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9 years ago

Lines By True Father:
My Son is My Son Till He Gets A Wife,frown.png
My Daughter Is My Daughter All Her Life. grin.png

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veeresh143 Posted In Jokes
9 years ago

This girl said to a Guy, "If u were my husband I'd poison your coffee", to which he replies, " if you were my wife I'd drink it"

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9 years ago

i dont know the actual meaning of maturity.
but for me,
Maturity is when
A person hurts you
... &
you try to
understand his situation insteadof hurting Him back..!!

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9 years ago

Thought For d Nyt-

Dont Waste Time by thinking about ur Past or Future.....

Better Kill some Mosquitoes in dat time.

So dat u can Sleep Better ha ha tongue.png

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