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8 years ago

May you have all the joy your heart can hold, All the smiles a day can bring, All the blessings a life can unfold, May you have Gods best in everything. Wishing u a Happy Birthday

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8 years ago

1000'S oF YeArS HaV PaSsd, MiLLoNs oF ToMoRoWs WiL CoMe, BuT sTiLL, HoPe S aLiVe iN aLL sTudNTs- . . . . . . . . ."ToMoRoW i WiL deFiNiTLy sTaRT.

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8 years ago

Abraham lincoln: if i hv 8hrs 2cut a tree, i spend 7hrs in sharpening d axe! . gr8 STUDENTS: If V hv 8 hrs 2study, V spend 7hrs in searching the books! .

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8 years ago

LAST ball 6, LAST ball wkt, LAST min goal, . often wins the game, . dats why studnts are still confident dat LAST day study can win an exam 4 them! .

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8 years ago

Collage related movies. Exams- WELCOME Claas-DHOOM Q.paper- RAAZ Copy-MAJBOOR Marks-nayak Final exam-MURDER Fail-YE TO HONA HI THA Paas-CHAMATKAR.

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8 years ago

Cheating in xams is d best xercise 4 ur reflexes.. . 1. Ur eyes roll 2 c d answer sheet of ur seat-mate . 2. Ur ears bcom sensitive, even 2 d softest whispers 2 get wat ur seatmate says . 3. Ur neck stretches either ways 2 search 4 clues . 4. Ur hand copies d answer faster dan ever

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8 years ago

A boy came running 2 d lecture hall. BOY:terrorists hav kidnapped all our lecturers nd hav demanded 50 lakhs 2 release them or else they will burn them pls donate... i hav already donated 10 litres kerosene..

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8 years ago

Midnite coffee long chats B'day bumps bunking classes crush on sum1 fight 4 marks just everything. People call it 'COLLEGE' I call it, . . . 'COOL AGE. (COLLEGE).

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8 years ago

U knw what is d full form of college? C- Come o- on l -let's l - love e-each g-girl e-equally so attend college everyday..!

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8 years ago

Cricket has reached exciting levels with T20. Infusing the same thing into exams, some suggestions: 1.Reduce exam time by 1 hr n marks by 50 2.Introduce strategic breaks after each 30 mins 3.Give free hit marks where students can frame their own questions n write ans 4.Ist 15 mins power play

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