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7 years ago

The Lord Knows ! :

Keep on doing the good you can, though others receive the credit for it. What you do is your offering to the Lord. And no one can deceive Him.

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7 years ago

The One abides :

All that you see with the eyes of flesh is perishable, is passing. Alone the One Abides ! Run not after the perishable ! But cling to the One ! Worship the One ! Abore the One ! Be united to the One-in life, in death, for ever and evermore !

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7 years ago

The Golden Key :

Through humility and loving service, you can unlock the door of any heart.

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7 years ago

Are you that Man ? :

Man's most precious possession is life. Mony of us, alas, squander it after things which have no real, abiding value. Blessed is the man who dedicates his life to God and becomes a servant of His suffering children. Will you be that man ?

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7 years ago

Forgive and Forget :

He who forgives his brother shall be forgiven by God. And, he who forgives and forgets and loves his brother shall receive from God the gift of grace.

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7 years ago

Radha ko rang or kanha ki pichkari,
Pyar k rang se rang do duniya saari.
Ye rang na jane koi jaat na koi boli,
MUBARAK ho apko Rang Bhari HOLI.

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7 years ago


Bura na maano, Holi hai....
Apne avguno ko holi me jala do....
Aur gun ke rang se khud ko aur sab ko rang dalo....
Yahi to sachchi Holi manana hai.

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7 years ago

Devtao se bhi vo holi,
Meethi madhur uski boli,
Usne bhar di sabki jholi,
Har atma uske sang doli,
Humne prabhu song manayi HOLI...

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7 years ago

Be Still :

A man may turn the beads of the rosary for years together, but he will draw close to God only when he becomes still and, in silence, lets God speak to his soul !

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7 years ago

Never ask why :

Look at yon tree ! It is bound to the earth, yet it seeks the sky. And never has it questioned why ?

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