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9 years ago

i always wanted to prove my love to u but i couldnt coz i couldnt found ant higest word to imagine my love to u so i want to die and ask god to give me a world that no one has said then i will come to ur dream and say

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9 years ago

It takes a minut to have a crush on someone
It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, hrs to like someone,and takes a lifetime to forget someone.

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9 years ago

mila nahi koi dilbar aisaa,
jo hamse dil lagaataa,
hum to hain diljale aur,
yu hi koi dil nahi jalaataa.

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9 years ago

Bahut khubsurat h Hansi unki lekin vo muskarte hi kha hai.dil chahta h Dekhte rahein jheel si Ankho me Lekin vo hmse Nazar milate hi kha hai.

Vikram Dhaker &amp Raj

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9 years ago

U are the sun in my day...
The wind in my sky...
The waves in my ocean...
And the beat in my heart...!!

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9 years ago

Remember that there will always be someone who remembers u everyday with or without messages

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9 years ago

If I would get a rose for every time I think of you, I would spend every day in a rose garden, … thinking of you

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9 years ago

Kash banane wale ne hume aasu banaya hota or unki ankho me basaya hota, jab girte unki ankho se unki god me,to marne ka maja kuch or he hota

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9 years ago

Every second God remembers you,
Every minute God bless you,
Every hour God cares for you because…
Every day I pray God to take care of U.

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9 years ago

Friendship is not a COllection of hearts,but it is Selection of Hearts. All Friends are not true, BUt True Friends are Very Few Like You

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