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6 years ago

Dil todna humari adat nahi dil hum kisi ka dukhate nahi bharosa rakhna humari dosti pe dost banakar hum use bhulate nahi

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6 years ago


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6 years ago

Stars Has 5 Ends.
Square Has 4 Ends.
Trinagle Has 3 Ends.
Life Has 2 Ends.
Circle Of Our Friendship Has No End.

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6 years ago

Mahak dosti ki isq se kam nhi hoti
isq se duniya khatm nhi hoti
agar zindgi me mil jaye aap jaise dosto ka sath
to zindgi bhi kissi jannat se kam nhi hoti,,,

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6 years ago

friends are decorators of our life
without friendship they luke a black sky

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6 years ago

What are the differences between a peso and a friend.. A peso is easy to earn, a friend is hard to find. A peso loses its value, a friend increases its worth. I don-t have a peso but I have you!

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6 years ago

My dear frnd. At this second, lets take a promise that we will be frndz& maintain our contacts atleast through sms even after getting jobs, marriage, till the last sec of our lyf. If u want 2 take this promise, send it 2 ur dear frndz whom u want 2 b wth u throughout ur lyf.
If ur treating me as ur dear frnd, send also 2 me.
Just find how many MSG will reach u & how many frndz want u!

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6 years ago

True bonding is not measurd by the time spent together or favors done for each other but by the comfrt u find whn u realze that u care for each other.

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6 years ago

Care is d sweetest essence in d world. If someone says "Take Care" it means u live in tht person-s heart til d last beat So Always."TAKE CARE!"

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6 years ago

Whenever U Want
To Know
How Rich U R ..
Don-t Count Your Currency. Drop a Tear
How Many Hands Reach Out
To Wipe That.
That-s True Richness.
From: Bhavik

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