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6 years ago

D e d i c a t e d

To All My
J I G x X x

Not Even The Best
Dessert Can Taste
Sweeter Than The
Cheap Ice Cream
I Ate With Them =)

Not Even The Best
Compliments Can
Sound Better Than
The Jokes They Poke
At Me =P

Not Even The Expensive
Dress Can Suit Me
Be88erThan The Dress
I Borrowed From
Them )

Not Even The Hottest
Pizza Can taste Be88er
Than The Cheap

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6 years ago

-=- D E D I C A T E D -=-

I Don-t Want YOU
To Be MAD For ME
Neither To Live For ME,
Nor To Give ME More
Importance YOUR Love
What I Want Is
When I Won-t Be Any
More With YOU
When I Won-t Be A Part
Of YOUR Giggle n Tear
Any More!
YOU Think Of ME
Then A Drop Scratches
YOUR Cheek
This Would Be The
Complete Payback Of

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6 years ago

I Told An Angel
Let All My Friends B
Healthy N Happy Forever !

Angel Said:
But For 4 Days Only !

I Said:
Spring Days,
Autumn Days,
Summer Days
Winter Days

Angel Said:
No ! 3 Days ,

I Said:

Angle Said:
No ! 2 Days

I Said:
A Bright Day
(Day Time)
Dark Day
(Night Time)

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6 years ago

GOD Wanted To Make A Human Full Of Love So He Made A
A Person Full Of Support And Encouragment So He Made A
Sm One Who Can Offer Help Alwz So He Mad A
Sm One Toplay Pranks And Add Joy In Life So He Made A

Then GOD Decided 2 Make A Special Prson Who Has All
These Qualities Together All In One So He Made
Dedicated To All Those Friend Who Want To Friend Ship With

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6 years ago

Touching Lines Just Before Death

"Don-t Bury Me Immediately After My Death,,,

My Friends Have A Habit Of Coming Late.".

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6 years ago

An Excellent Thought By
A Misunderstood Friend-

"I Know Yu Hate Me,
But The Day When You Will
Know The Truth,
You Will Hate Yourself"

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6 years ago

A Nice Quote
By A Friend

"I Don-t Care
You Disturb Me,
I Get disturb
You Don-t Disturb Me" =}

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6 years ago

No Matter How Bitter A Coffee Gets,

One Bite Of A Sweet Cookie Changes Everything

Thanks For Being
A Sweet Cookie Friend
In A Bitter Coffee World ->

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6 years ago

I Liked The Simplicity
Of This Line

"A Friend Is Like
They Aren-t Seen Over
They Come Out
We Are
W O U N D E D" (-,-)

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6 years ago

D e D i C a T e D

Kbhi Kbhi Nahi Roz Mili

Mjhy Zindagi Se Har Ek
Mauj Mili

Ek Sacha Dost Manga Tha
Zindagi Se

Par Mujhy Tou
KAMEENO Ki Fauj Mili

♥ You Frndzx (=,-)

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