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6 years ago

Kal ho

"aaj" jesa,

Mehal ho
"Taaj" jesa,

Phool ho
"Gulaab" jesa,


Zindagi k hr qadam pe friend ho
oye hello,

Friend ho"Mujh" jesa..

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6 years ago

Dosti Py Jeena Dosti Py Marna

Sacha Dost Ager Na Mily
To Dosti Na Krna

Dosti Phool Hay Us Ko Sanbhal K Rakhna

Tooty Na Dil Kisi Ka
Itna Khayal rakh na

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6 years ago

A friendship is a see deep like ocean,high like sky,kind like mother,strong like iron,cute like tum & sweet like hum.

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6 years ago

Friendship is a sea

& friends r fishes

U r my golden fish.

I will keep U safe.

but if U try 2 4get me I will.

fry U

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6 years ago

YAkin pE yAkin DilAtE hAin dOst,

RaAh chAltE kO bEwAkOf bAnAtE hAin dOst,

Gold Leaf bOl k K2 pilAtE hAin dOst,

PAr kUch B kAhO saAle yAAd Aate hAin dOst. ->

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6 years ago

In the rythm of life, we sometimes find ourselves out of tune,
but as long as there are friends like U to provide the melody - The Music Plays On :->

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6 years ago

A daily thought

A silent tear

A Constant wish that u r near

Words are few but thoughts r deep

Memories of our frenship i-ll always keep!!

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6 years ago

Of all my friends,you are the only one i won-t forget.Even if i die before you,i will go to heaven and wait for you.

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6 years ago

uss simt cheley ho tu itna usey khna, baki na suney sirf tnaha usey khna, kuch log safar k ley mozo nahi hotey, kuch fasley kattey nahi tanha usey khna,

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6 years ago

Yeh Dosti ka rishta totey na kabhi,A Dost to mujh se ruthay na kabhi,Kartey hain rab se har pal yeh dua, Door reh k bhi apna saath chutey na kabhi

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