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6 years ago

A Bond Of Luv,
Medal Of Trust,
Shouldr In Sadnes,
Hand In Darknes,
A Spl Relation 2hold,
A Ear Wer Secrts Can B Told
Is D Magic


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6 years ago

The Light Of

Is Like

The Light Of

Seen Plainest


All Around Is "D.a.R.k" (:->

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6 years ago

A FrIeNd OpEnS a CoNvErSaTiOn WiTh A fUlL nEwZ bUlLeTiN oN hIs LiFe


A rEaL fRiEnD sAyZ:

"wHaT-s NeW wItH yOu ?" (:

EnJoY fRiEnDs On ThIs SpEcIaL dAy

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6 years ago

Mukhlis dost aik phal (fruit) k darakht(tree) ki tarah hota hai. Agar is darakht k neeche betho ge to saaya de ga, aur agar opar chado ge to phal dega

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6 years ago

Dosti ka rishta NAZUK DHAGAY ki tarah hota hai. Agar DHAGA TOOT jae to JUR jata hai LEKIN iss main GIRAH aajati hai !!!

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6 years ago

Ye doSt b ajeeb hoty hain

Deny pe aaen to jan de dain

Lene pe aaen to hansi tak cheen lain

Kehne pe aaen to dil k tmam khano k raz tak keh dain

Chupany pe aaen to ye tak na btaen k khafa q hain

Naraz hone pe aaen to sans tak na lane dain

Mnane pe aaen to apni sanso ko war dain

Bus dost zindgi me nhi mila krty Blky

zindgi DOSTON me mila krti hy

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6 years ago


1 Kilo dosti ko
gram smile k
sath is
trah milain
k yaden
lal ho jain
1 adad sm$
dal kr rang
0r hsbe zaiqa mis cal den
dosti tayar

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6 years ago

God wanted 2make a person full of love
He made

MOTHER smile.png

A person full of support and encouragement
He made

FATHER smile.png

Sum1 who can offer help always
He made

BROTHER smile.png

Sum1 to play pranks & add joy
He made

SISTER smile.png

Den God decided 2make a special person who has all da qualities 2gether all in 1. . .
So He made. . .


Friendship 4evr!

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6 years ago

In ThE c&#920&#920KiE oF LiFe,FrIendZ R the ChOcOLaTe ChiPs ThAt MaKe LiFe SweeT,sUrPriSnG & YuMmmY.
tHanX 4 BeiNg 1 of ThE YMmY cHoCO cHiP oF mY LIFE.
HaP? Fre?shp Dy!

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6 years ago

I Will WaLk wItH u wHeNever u wIsh
bUt pRoMise To hidE uR WiNgs BEcauSe i dOn-T waNt otHeRs tO KNOw ThaT

"mY fRieNd iS An anGel!"

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