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6 years ago

Only for u
Are we frnds or
Are we not?

You told me once,but i forgot.

So tell me now
and tell me true,

so i can say,
I am here for u.

Of all the frnds
I hav evr met,

u r the one
I-ll nevr forget.

And if i die..
before you do,

I-ll go to heaven
AND wait for U!

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6 years ago

Around the corner i have a friend

In this city that has no end

The days go by & weeks rush on

And before i know,a year has gone

I never see my old friend-s face

For life now has a swift pace

He knows i like him just as well

As in the days when i rang his bell

In times we were younger when

But now we are busy,tired men

Tired of playing a foolish game

Tired of trying to make a name

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6 years ago

Why v make FRENDZ?
Coz they understand just by looking in our eyes
Coz u can say sumthing stupid or expose ur deepest secrets to them
Coz they believe in ur dreams no matter how silly they may seem..Coz they luv u for what u are..
And finally..
Coz evrything u do together becomes a memory smile.png

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6 years ago

LoVeLy RoSeS
LoVeLy YoU
LoVeLy ArE
ThE ThInGs U Do,

BuT ThE LoVeLiEsT Is ThE FrIeNdShIp Of ThE TwO,

OnE Is Me AnD ThE OtHeR Is U.

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6 years ago

Azadi Day.

Un rishton se azadi jin ko ap mjburi smjhte ho.

Agr apko hmari dosti mjburi lgti h t0 reply wth "yes"
0r agr khushi lgti h t0 reply wth "no"


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6 years ago

When U Mix Rice In Milk Its called"kheer"

When U Mix Lime In Milk Its called"Paneer"

When U Mix A True friend Like Me In Ur Life Its called a"Great Taqdeer"

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6 years ago

I don-t want U to be mad for Me,
Neither to live for Me,
Nor to give Me more importance than Ur Love,
What I want is when I won-t b any more with U,
When I won-t b a part of Ur giggle & tear any more!
U think of Me then a drop scratches Ur cheek..
This would be the complete payback of our
Friendship! (=

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6 years ago

FAKE FRIENDS: dont worry everything will be alright

galti ki ha ab bhugat. hr jaga zaleel hi krwaen

FAKE FRIENDS:u r looking dashing

kbi dhang k kapre bi pehen lia kr. hamesha charsi hi bna raen

FAKE FRIENDS:Ur dress is cool

REAL FRIENDS:Kis se le k pehna ha

FAKE FRIENDS:Its alright i-ll pay

REAL FRIENDS:Tera wallet ghr re gya hoga.tu ne mera walet jo dekh lia hai,ab apna

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6 years ago

I M¡ss My Fr¡ends

When I c some other Guys sitting around,


Slapping each other..

Their mischievous smiles switching to loud laughters..

Though strangers to me,
They represnt a part of my life I lost somewhre,

I miss my friends. I miss u all.
Stay happy where ever U r

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6 years ago

"kuch LOG"

kehte hain dosti pyar hai kuch LOG kehte hain dosti zindagi hai.Hum kehte hain dosti dosti hai..jis-se barh kar na pyar hai na zindagi hai.

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