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6 years ago

There Is A Miracle

You Don-t Know
How It Happened !


When It Started !


You Know The Joy
It Brings !! (:

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6 years ago

5 ¥ear Θld ß0y Asked Her Friend Wt-s Frndship?

§he Replied Frndship Iz When U §teal My çhocolates Évery ¡)ay From My ßag & I §till keep Them In The §ame Place

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6 years ago


"When Someone
Allows You To
Bear His Burdens,
You Have
Found Deep
F.r.i.e.n.d.s.h.i.p " (:

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6 years ago

I say and You listen
Its a good Friendship
You say and I listen
Its a better Friendship
I don-t say and You understand,
Is best Friendship (=

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6 years ago

Sometimes I wonder why V r Frndz?
What made us so special for eachother that V chose each other as good Frndz.Then I think may b it was our fate that made us care for eachother that made us understand eachother but then again a tear comes in my eye thinking one day my Fndz will leave me getting busy with their lives but I stop my tears saying some silent words
Dedicated to all my special Frndz

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6 years ago

Love makes u realize how wonderful d world is but its a frnd who makes u realize how wonderful you are to d world.

For all my belovd frndz (:

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6 years ago

Bohat Dino Se Mai Bhoola Hua Tha Doston Ko

Aaj LafZ BAIGHAIRAT Suna To Sab Yaad Aaye..!! -)

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6 years ago


Even Networks cant stay without FRIENDZ..

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6 years ago

When a person can find ur sorrows behind ur sMiLe,
Words behind ur siLence
Love behind ur anger,

u can beLieve U hv found ur best Friend..

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6 years ago

I-ve learnt many things from my Friends

They gave me the tricks for a stupid activity

They gave me money when I-m empty in college cantene

They raise their hands towards me for good-bye when I-m leaving them

They love me
They care me


I love them too.

But still I-ve a complaint

Stil They don-tteach me 1 thing


You know what?


They don-t teach me


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