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9 years ago

Pappu : Bol, meri tokri me
Kya Hai, to sab ande tere.
Or ye bata k kitne hai, to
8 ke 8 tere or agar ye batade
k kis ke hai, to murgi bhi teri!!!

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9 years ago

Close Your Eyes,
Relax Your Body,
Stop Your Breathing
As Long As You Can....
Now Breath...
I Miss You As Much As
You Missed The Air.

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9 years ago

She is hot!
She is sweet!
She always needs
a lip for kiss....
Whole world is mad
for her!
Who? Who is she!
Do you know?
Answer = Tea
GooD MorninG !!!

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9 years ago

Raat Bhar Jag Kar
Yaad Unhe Karte Hair,
Saath Nahi Hai Wo
Pyar Jinhe Hum Karte Hai
Jeete Hai Jab Unke Bina
To Lagta Hai
Jeekar Bhi Hum GUNAH
Karte Hai.....

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9 years ago

Beautiful Lines
Dedicated to My Good
Zindgi Aisi Na Jiyo
Ke Log "FARIYAD" Karen,
Balki Aide Jiyo Ki Log
"FIR-YAAD" Kare.

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9 years ago

Not all fingers are of
same LENGTH,
but when they are
BEND, all stand in
EQUAL length.
life becomes easy
when we BEND and
ADJUST too certain

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9 years ago

Check My English
ab cd ef gh ij kl mn
op qr st vw xyz
Did I Miss Something?
I Always Miss U

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9 years ago

Its Just Meaningless In
Anyone To Be Of
Your Kind,
You Cannot Hold Their
Right Hand In Your
Right Hand To
Walk Together...

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9 years ago

Everyone is a genius.
But if you judge a fish
on its ability to climb a
tree, it will live its whole
life believing that it is STUPID.

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