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9 years ago

"Talk with someone who makes you happy,
But, never miss talking with someone who feels happy to talk to you.!
Feel the difference..

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9 years ago

Simple line...
"Empty Pockets teaches million things in life..."
"Full Pockets spoil's U in million ways..."

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9 years ago

DAIRY MILK ful form

I-imidiately for a

ab samje ladkiya dairymilk Q mangti rhti h.

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9 years ago

Santa: 1 Chor Ne Muje Chaku Dikha K Lut Lia,
Banta:Tere Pas To Hamesa Gun Hoti hai,
Santa:Haan 2 lakh Ki Hai,Maine Chhupali thi Warna Wo Bhi Le Jata....smile.pngsmile.png

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9 years ago


After two years of BreaKup, boy saw his GF wid her Husband..
She was rubbing her nose on his shOulder..

Boy (Smiling) :- Aaj bhi Rumaal bhul gayee.. !

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9 years ago

yad aye to ankhe bandh na karna,
ham sms na kare to gam na karna,
galti ho hamse to hume maf karna,
par dost 'dosti' ka ehsas dil se kam na karna.

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9 years ago

4m ragging to being seniors,
4m strangers to being frnds,
4m having crush to falling in love,
4m being freaks 2 being d dudes n dudettes,
4m joys to tears,this s the journey frm FIRST to SECOND year! Njoy the last few months as JUNIORS.... Dese r special days of our life !!

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9 years ago

Trust is the easiest thing in the world to lose n d hardest thing in d world to get back..
To be Trusted is a greater Compliment than to be Loved..!!

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