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9 years ago

Girlfriend khana khate hue boli :
Ye tumhara kutta mujhe bahut der
se ghoor q raha hai ↓↓↓

Boyfreind :- Tum jaldi se khana
kha lo, wo apni plate pehchan
gayahai tongue.png

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9 years ago

Pane se khone ka maza aur hai,
Band aankho se dekhne ka maza
kuch aur hai,
Aansu bane lafz aur lafz bane
Teri yaado ke saath jine ka maza
kuch aur hai…

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9 years ago

Communication is the lifeline Of
any relationship.
When u stop communicating,
you start losinG your valuable
relationships ...
So stay in touch always ...

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9 years ago

“Old friends pass away, new
friends appear.
It is just like the days.
An old day passes, a new day
The important thing is to make it
a meaningful friend – or a
meaningful day.”

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