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8 years ago

Girlfrnd:- Am too fed up
From our daily fights
I just wanna break up wid u..
Bf- Ok but first take dis chocolate.
Gf- Aawwww so u dont want me to go,
Manaa rahe ho mujhe chocolate deke.kiss.png smile.png
Bf:- Nahi meri maa kehti hai
Kuch subh kaam karne se pehle
Muh meetha kar lena chahiye.
"Cadbury dairymilk" khusiyon ki mithas..

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8 years ago

Relations Are Like A Bird.If U Catch Tightly
It Dies.If U Catch It Loosely It Flies.But If
U Catch Affectionately.It Remains With U forever.
Gud n8

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8 years ago

Great line by Dr APJ ABDUL KALAM
I m not handsome but I can give my hand to someone who need help...

Bcoz beauty is required in heart not in face....

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baijayant Posted In Jokes
8 years ago

Height of a 'Aata mhaji satakli' moment:
When u create a file named
'gwresfjtgatwpjd'and stil you get a
'File name already exists'..:-@

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