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6 years ago

A Great Frndship Is Based On Two Main Qualities:
"To Find Out d Similarities"
"To Respect d Differences..!"

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6 years ago

Some times people are nothing.
You make them something.
when they Become something.
They feel that you are nothing..

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6 years ago

believe where others doubt.
Work where others refuse,
save where others waste,
stay where others quit,
and you will win
where others lose.

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6 years ago

i have many problems in my life. .
But . ,my lips
doesn't know
It always smiles.

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6 years ago

being a good person is like a being a goal keeper.
No matter how many goals we save,
people will remember only the one that you missed.?

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6 years ago

Believe correctly
Learn practically
Behave decently
Plan accordingly
Earn honestly
Spend wisely
Save regularly
Then Enjoy your life COMPLETELY.

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6 years ago

If life pushes you to your knees:
Remember that means it is the time to PRAY. So Pray before you face this action.

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6 years ago

Sometimes we need to fail in order to know,
Sometimes we need to be hurt in order to grow,
Sometimes we need to lose in order to gain Cause some life lessons are best learned through pain.
Have a Great and Blessed day!

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6 years ago

If you ever want 2 succeed in your life follow these:
"Be sweet as honey, Be fresh as a rose, Be soft as tissue, Be regular as a clock & Be strong as a rock."

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6 years ago

true graduation speech:

first i would like to thank google.

Secondly, to copy paste and thirdly, to the thank xerox machine...!!

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