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6 years ago

"Dont Upset With Little Problems.
Because Life is Like A Road, Wher Problems Are Like A Speed Breakers.


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6 years ago

A very nice line said by a boy to his girlfriend
Tere Bina Main Ye Duniya Chhod To Du,
Pr Uska Dil Kaise Dukha Du Jo Roz Darwaze Pr Khadi Kehti Hai
“Beta Ghar Jaldi Aa Jana”…

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6 years ago

The wrong kind of people hate u for the good in u & The right kind of people love u even after knowing the bad in u... That makes the perfect definition of relation.

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6 years ago

Life is very short.
So break silly rules,
Forgive quickly,
Believe slowly,
Love truly,
Laugh loudly,
Never avoid anything that makes U smile smile.png

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6 years ago

I don't want to stole ur words...

coz... i can make my own...
its called a jacks...

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6 years ago

Awesom lyns by Charlie Chaplin
"U need Power,
only wen u wan 2 do sumthin Harmful" Otherwise.
"Luv s Enough 2 get everythin done"!

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6 years ago

Nice lines for a happy life :

"Satisfy the person who expect a smile frm U.
Surprise the person who never expected anything frm U".....

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6 years ago

"LOVE n DEATH r two uninvited guest, when they come nobodyknows but both do the same work, one takes the HEART and the other one take its BEATS"

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6 years ago

A research says- "Every person tells minimum 4 lies per day.. i.e. Approx 1460 a year!

& The most common lie is- "I Am fine" !!
Strange but True..

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6 years ago

True line:-
"Lovable person is the best medicine for all pains in the world".....

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