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9 years ago

An outstanding N Fantastic msg for lifetime... "You will definitely succeed
in your life if you follow all the advices that you give to others..."

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9 years ago

Nice Truth Of The Life

"Zindagi Ki Uljhane Shararaton ko kam kar deti hai,
Aur Log samjhte hai k Hum samjhdar ho Gaye hai....

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9 years ago

Beautiful msg by MOTHER TERESA
if u cant love a person whom u see, them how can u love god whom u have never seen

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9 years ago

Biggest fact of life-
"even if all the musician join together to create a melody to make us sleep, they cannot win over our TEXT BOOK... "

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9 years ago

plant your own garden and decorate your own soul,

instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers

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9 years ago

Forgive and Forget :

He who forgives his brother shall be forgiven by God. And, he who forgives and forgets and loves his brother shall receive from God the gift of grace.

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9 years ago

Funny but gr8 words:

money, attitude & ego r like UNDER WEAR.
U shud hav it,
but shud not show it...
Unless u becum a SUPERMAN...!!!

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9 years ago

The Gift of Nothingness :

What offering can we give to God ? All things are from Him: all things are in Him. There is nothing that He does not have. So let us be nothing and offer that to Him !

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9 years ago

Ek nadi me 2 insan dub rahethe.
ek wo jise aap pyar krte h,
or dusra wo jo aapko pyar karta h
to aap kise bachayenge or kyu.............

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9 years ago

Love is small coin.
Life is a big coin.
Wife is a lucky coin.
Lover is a sweet coin.
But Mother is a gold coin.

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