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9 years ago

"Never be sad for missing whatever u expected,
Be happy that God made u realize that those expectations weren-t worth in ur life"

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9 years ago

When u were born, u were crying and everyone round u wa$ $miling..
Live ur life $o that when u die, u-re the one who i$ $miling and everyone round u is crying..

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9 years ago

Time would make us 4get some people..
But there r some people who make us forget time..
They r the ones called
N that-s
G.n s.d t.c.$!!

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9 years ago

A Banner cum Sign Board In front of an IT company..
Drive Slowly, Don-t kill our Employee….. Leave them to us.

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9 years ago

A Good &amp Healthy Relation is like Sugarcane.
You crush it, Twist it, Squeeze it, Beat it to Pulp and
All that you get is Only Sweetness..

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9 years ago

what is the meaning of sms..
Share My Sweetness
Search My Soul..
Seek My Sweetheart..
Succeed My Smartness..
See My Smile..
So keep SMS ing.

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9 years ago

D most critical moment in
lyf:wen sum1 very special
hurts u so deeply causes tears
in ur eyes & ask u wat
hapend.. & u jst reply "Oh
nothing !!!"

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9 years ago

The Only Place in India whr Food is Cheap..
Tea 1.00
Soup 5.50
Dal 1.50
Meal 2.00
Chapati 1.00
Chicken 24.50
Dosa 4.00
Veg biryani 8.00
Fish 13.00

These items r meant 4 "POOR PEOPLE"
& is available at
Indian Parliament Canteen
The Salary of those Poor People
is Rs.80,000 Per Month!
Humble request 2 fwd!


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9 years ago

Lifes 3 litle truths-
Thr-s alwz a litle truth behnd evry JST KIDDING!

Litle knwldge behnd evry I DON-T KNW!

A litle emotn behnd evry I DONT CARE!

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9 years ago

Thought For The Day
"SPEAK only when you feel your words are better than the SILENCE"

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