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9 years ago

Dhokha khana to mohabbat walo ki ek rasm-E-wafa hai.
Phool khushi ke liye hota to log janaaze pe na dalte.

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9 years ago

Humne to mohabbat ke nashe me use khuda bana diya.
Hosh to tab aaya jab usne kaha ki khuda kisi ek ka nahi hota..

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9 years ago

Jo Door Ho UsE Kbi Juda N Samjna
Jo Dil Me Ho Use Kbi Bewfa N Samja
Wqt Or Halat Mjbor Kr Dti H Kbi-2
Jo Intzar Me Chup Ho Usy Kbi Khfa N SmJna...... Warish khan

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9 years ago

If 2day is world STEALING DAY wat wud U Steal frm me...... Reply is a must!!! Send dis 2 ur Frnds, u-ll Get Surprising Answers...Ans me First!!

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9 years ago

Msg exchange day....
snd me the 18th msg in ur inbox..whatevr it may be...
snd it to ur frndz n get funfilled n amazing answers..


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9 years ago

Tell me 1 moment when you were really impressed by mesmile.png.
(I hope u were.
atleast once)send it 2 all ur frnds n know how u impresd them.&ampRply is must

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9 years ago

Rate me
Attitude... %
Looks ... %
Nature .... %
Habbits ... %
Voice ... %
Misbehave .... %
Nakhras .. %
As A Frnd ... %
Do Reply!

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9 years ago

Imagine dt U met me on d road unxpctdly, den u rmmbr dt 2dy is my b-day, but u hv no money. but u want 2 gv me a gift. wat wud u gv..
Plz rply iz must.

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9 years ago

supoose u cum 2 me but em sleeping in my room ..wot will u do ....

1= hit me wid a pillow

2= drop a bucket full ov water

3= smyl at me en tuck me in properly

4= irritate me by turning muzik or tv on

5= sit quietly and till em awake

6= ignore me and go back

7= wake me up wid alarm clock

8= give me misss callzz

9= ask my mom 2 wake me up

10= u start searching 4 my cell fone

dan i-ll tell wot are ur feeling abt me ..

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9 years ago

1= sincere wid me

2= dislyk me

3= u adore me

4= my best frnd

5= respect me

6= i dnt matter 2 u

7= hardly bothered abt me

8= u r humble en lyk me

9= u care alot

10= u dnt trust me ..

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