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8 years ago

1 universe,

• 8 planets,

• 195 countries,

• 5 oceans,

• 7 billion people.. ...

and I choose to fall in love with those who ignore me grumpy.png

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8 years ago

You can't change how people feel about you, so don't try. Just live your life and be happy.. smile.png

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8 years ago

Relationships are not about "I want this" or "I want that." It's about two people caring for each other's desires smile.png

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8 years ago

If you really love someone, do not tell them. Show them smile.png

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8 years ago

2 SWEET words DIFFICULT 2 say in life:

1. "Hi" for the FIRST time to unknown Person...!

2. "Bye" for the LAST time to loved ones....!!

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8 years ago

Best lines:
"Always look for what's Wrong
before looking who's wrong..!!
Read it once again to keep YouR relations safe n Strongsmile.png

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8 years ago

Some people say never forget me.
Some people say always remember me.

But i love my attitude, so.. I will say . . .
Forget ME if u can..!!

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8 years ago

''Don't fall for anyone in life...! Until they are really ready to catch you in any situation..."

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8 years ago

The Value of a Relationship is not How Happy you Feel with them but How Much Someone Feels alone Without you smile.png

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8 years ago

No matter how “busy” a person’s day may be. If they “really care”, they’ll always find time for you smile.png

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