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9 years ago

Cricket has reached exciting levels with T20. Infusing the same thing into exams, some suggestions: 1.Reduce exam time by 1 hr n marks by 50 2.Introduce strategic breaks after each 30 mins 3.Give free hit marks where students can frame their own questions n write ans 4.Ist 15 mins power play

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9 years ago

Har sawal se dat kar ladna Fekne me kami mat karna Mauka mile to piche b dekhna Aur ek baat yaad rakhna Aage wale k paper APNA Hi samajhna BEST OF LUCK $!!

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9 years ago

PLEDGE collge boys: . India is my nation Girls are my destination Dating is my occupation Sighting is my profession In between, wat the hell is dis Education .

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9 years ago

School life's done..Try remembering the SMILING FACES of your friends..Remember the times spent TOGETHER..What do you FEEL? Started missing everyone a lot.

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9 years ago

As i hv startd studyin seriously 4 exams n i hv decided not 2 msg any mor so i believe u ppl wil cooperate wid me.Thanx.. . - Height of over acting-

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9 years ago

Kagaz ki kashti thi, Pani ka kinara tha! Khel ki masti thi, DIL ye awara tha! Kaha aa gaye is Samajdari ki Duniya me, Wo School ka Bachpana hi pyara tha!

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9 years ago

A first bench student knows"TO AVOID THE PROBLEMS"But only the last bench students has the ability to"FACE THE PROBLEM"

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9 years ago

What is FEAR ? ? . FEAR is that deep, wrenching feeling when pages of your book still smell new and d exam is just 1 day away!!

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9 years ago

If in examination hall during d exam u feel tht d paper is tough, dont worry. Just close ur eyes, take a deep breath n say 2 urself"Dis is a very interesting subject. I want to study it one more year"

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9 years ago

Exams r here, at d paper we stare d ans r no where, which maks us pull our hair.. d teachrs glare, And grades r below fair, but just like the past 16 yrs, . WE DONT CARE!!!!!

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