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9 years ago

2 lovrs in pizzahut.
Ldka:kya khaogi.?
"kachori mangwa lo"
Moral:gov scool ki ldkiya ptaoge to aisa hi hoga

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9 years ago

Answers in Exams by non medical
student- LOL
1. Antibody - One who hates his
body .
2. Artery - Study of Fine Paintings.
3. Bacteria - Back door of a
Cafeteria .
4. Coma - Punctuation Mark .
5. Gall Bladder - Bladder of a Girl .
6. Genes - Blue Denim.
7. Labour Pain - Hurt at Work .
8. Liposuction - A French Kiss .
9. Ultrasound - Radical Sound .
10. Cardiology - Advanced Study of
Playing Cards .!

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9 years ago

Education related songs:

SCHOOL- Apni to paatshala masti ki pathshala

TUTION- Idhar chala mai udhar chala
MATHS- Ajeeb dastan hai yeh

SCIENCE- Aa khusi se kudkushi karle

GEOGRAPHY- Musafir hoon main yaaro

ECONOMICS-Kyu paisa paisa karti hai,paise pe kyu tu marti hai

EXAM- Zehrelein raatey ninde udd jati hai

RESULT- Jiya dharak dharak

PASS- Aaj mai upar asman niche

FAIL- Jag suna suna lage.

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9 years ago

Principle :All students must try to get above 96%
Student: No maam we will try for100%.
Principle: Are you joking
Student:who started joking firstwink.png

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9 years ago

Na wqt h itna k sylbus pura kiya jae
na tarkib koi k xam pas kiya jae
aisa dard diya h is padhai ne
na khul k roya jae na jam k soya jae.

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9 years ago

Is d best Answer
for all questions
Is d best Reaction
in all situations
BOTH Never Help In

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9 years ago

A good teacher according to students is 1 who :
-Should Be Absent At Least 3 Times A Week
-Should Come In Class 10mins Late And Left The Class 10 Mins Earlier
-Should Not Give Any Homework And Assignments
-Should Not Ask Any Questions To Students
-Should Not Disturb The StudentsBy Teaching While They Are Talking

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9 years ago

A Belated Teachers' Day
Its A Humble Request
"80% Of Teachers r
Suffering From Throat
Pain By Teaching Students."
So Plz
BUNK d Classes As Much
As Possible
Save Our Teachers

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9 years ago

S'mall angry,
S'illy fights,
S'imple sms,
S'erious jokes,
S'ensitive feelings,
S'enseless speak, mixture of all the above S
is our Classroomfrown.png

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9 years ago

Itni siddat se book uthane ki koshis ki hai,ki har jarre ne mujhe sulane ki sajhis ki hai,
kahte hain agar kisi chapter ko pure man se padho to puri kayanat tumhe confuse karne mein lag jati hai,
agar aisa nahin hai to chapter syllabus k bahar hai mere dost.

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