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nishan1695 Posted In Jokes
9 years ago

Mayawati LaLu k Ghar Hathi k sath gayi

LALU- "Bhaiswa k sath aye ho?"

MAYAWATI- "Dikhta Nhi Hathi Hai"

Lalu- "Dhatt Pagli,
Hum Hathi se puch raha Hoo...

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nishan1695 Posted In Jokes
9 years ago

Lovers decided to commit Suicide...
boy jumped first..frown.png
Girl didnt jumpunsure.png

From that day started the concept of



Ladies First.. wink.png

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9 years ago

Very beautiful sentnce to life:
"evrybody seems to be special at firstsight,
But only very few will remain special to u till ur last sight..

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9 years ago

A UKG boy pulled LKG girl into his room, locked d door, put-off d light, pulled her to d bed, coverd her into d bedsheet & said?

See my new RADIUM WATCH.!! grin.pngtongue.pngglasses.png

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9 years ago

Principle :All students must try to get above 96%
Student: No maam we will try for100%.
Principle: Are you joking
Student:who started joking firstwink.png

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