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9 years ago

Shaitaan ne ALLAH se,

puchha: dunia me mera khana kya hoga.,

ALLAH ne kaha- Jo khana koi musalman bina "BISMILLAH" K khayega wahi tumhara khana hoga..

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9 years ago

Hazrat Mohamad (S.A.W)

&quotOne who recites
Durood Shareef 1000
times daily won-t die
unless he sees his
home in Jannat&quot

Subhan Allah

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9 years ago

Why it is hard 2tel TRUTH,but easy 2LIE..
Y do v sleep DURING SALAH time but wake up when SALAH is over..
Y is it hard2 talk abt ALLAH,bt easy 2talk abt NASTY STUFF..
Y r v bored 2luk at ISLAMIC MAGAZINE, bt easy 2luk at dirty 1..
Y is it ezy2 delete RELIGIOUS MSG,bt v 4ward nonsense 1.
Y r MASJIDS geting smaller,bt BARS &amp CLUBS growin.
Y do u waste time and money using MOBILE bt nt reading QURAN.
Think abt it..
R u 4ward-g dis..
ALLAH is watching u..

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9 years ago

Aayat-Ul-Kursi Benifits:
Recite while leaving House-70000 Angels Will Protect U 4m Allside.
Recite While Éntering Home-Poverty Wont enter Ur Home.
Recite Aftr Wudhu-It Raises Ur status 70 Times.
Recite befor sleeping-1 Angel Will Protect U Whole Ñight..
Tel othrz,its sadqa jaria.

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9 years ago

THE VALUE OF A WOMAN in Islam:This couldn-t be said more beautifully..
"Be careful if u make a woman cry, because ALLAH counts her tears.A woman came out of a mans- rib. Not from his feet to be walked on, not from his head to be superior over, but From his side to be equal. Under the arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved.."
Pass this on to all women that u care..let them knw hw precs they are!

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9 years ago

Life Style Of Our
Beloved Prophet

Talk Softly
Walk Humbly
Eat Sensibly
Breath Deeply
Sleep Sufficiently
Dress Properly
Work Patiently
Think Truthfully
Believe Correctly
Behave Decently
Learn Practicaly
Earn Honestly
Spend Intelligently

Proud To Be In His

Then Lets Change

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9 years ago

Allah-s Prophet
(S.A.W) Said :
&quotIf Any1 Amasses
Wealth Through
Haram Means &amp
Gives Charity From
It, There-s No Regard
4 Him &amp The Burden
Of Sins Remains.&quot

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9 years ago

&quotOur Affairs Are
Attached To The
Destiny Decreed By
ALLAH, Even Our Best
Plans May Lead Us To
Destruction ..&quot

Hazrat Ali [R.A]

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9 years ago

D mnth of HAJ wil strt in a few days,the prophet MUHAMMED(saw) said whoever is d 1st togiv anothr person d news abot this month,d fire of hell is haram 4 dem.

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9 years ago

He is ALLAH The King, The Holy, The One free from all defects, The giver of security, The All mighty, The Compeller, The Supreme.


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