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8 years ago

How2 Delete All Cookies N History In Any WebBrowser?
Just Press
Ctrl + Shift + Delete

In Browsr Window
B AdVnce Thn Othrs

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8 years ago

What is computer hacking.?

Computer hacking is a skill of modifying hardware & software to access pc without the users permission.

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8 years ago

PC tweaking trick go to tools
>folder option
>uncheck is automatically search for network folder & printers
>select ok

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8 years ago

Make ur own font in XP:
Private charecter editor used for editing fonts.
- run
- Type "eudcedit"
- Try making new fonts.

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8 years ago

Trick 2 increase PC life:
-Shut down proprly
-Dont place many icons in desktop
-Keep 50% free spce in C drive
-Dont keep foldrs in task bar.

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8 years ago

Enter Website Name And Select Language In Which You Want....
Now Site Will Open In Language You Want.

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8 years ago

Who used ur PC in ur Absence?
What did he do?
1st u shud Go-
>Type- eventvwr.msc

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8 years ago

Fix Corrupted File In Windows Xp:

-Load XP Cd Into CD Drive
-Go To Run
-Type sfc/scannowok

Then Copy Its Lost File From CD

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8 years ago

Rotate Ur Pc Screen To
90/180 Degree!
CTRL+ALT+Arrow Key.
To Revert Do D Same

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8 years ago

Make a sound wen u press caps lock & num lock
Go to control panel
>click accessiblity option
>mark d use toggle keys option

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