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7 years ago

Make a sound wen u press caps lock & num lock
Go to control panel
>click accessiblity option
>mark d use toggle keys option


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7 years ago

How to save mobile battery upto 20%
- Turn off graphical wallpaper or flash wallpaper
- Turn off screensaver
- Enable power ,sleep mode

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7 years ago

Access any remote computer via Internet just like sitting in front of it - even through firewalls.

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7 years ago

do u want to know train arrival time train delay or not
then visit
here you can see train delay time.

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7 years ago

How to fix .lnk and.exe & other problems
Download cclearner
and Advanced System Care Pro
then goto fix registry
scan and fix it..!!

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7 years ago

u can explore the whole
wrld online nw like google
earth vthout any softwre
see your home,roof & gardn on ur pc

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7 years ago

How to Disable Usb?

1.Click on Start
>Type Regedit

right side,u hav to find Start

>then Start Value data box, type 3

to enable it type 4 in that start value

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7 years ago

To make ur Desktop Icons Transparent
-Go to Control Panel
-Performance Setting
-Use drop shadows for labels on the Desktop

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7 years ago

Want to Block UNwanted WEbsite on firefox:
Dwnld this addon:

after it
block any site

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7 years ago

A Best Trick 2 Erase Ur PC
Keep Fast Ur Hard Disk Read
Write Speed

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