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6 years ago

"Life is nothing wen we get everything"
"life s everything wen v mis something"

-value of frndz will b realized in their absence only..!

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6 years ago

A boyfriend stabs you in the heart, a stranger stabs you in the front, a friend stabs you in the back, but best friends don-t carry knives.

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6 years ago

Respect those friends who find TIME for you in their busy Schedule, But really Love those friends who NEVER SEE their Schedule when u NEED them.

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6 years ago

If friends were flowers I would not pick you! I-ll let you grow in the garden & cultivate you with love and care so I can keep you as a friend 4ever!!

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6 years ago

The world-s most happiest friends never have the same characters.. They just have the best understanding of their differences.. smile.png

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6 years ago

Sabse intelligent koun: TUM , sabse smart koun: TUM sabse storng koun: TUM in sab me TUM se zeyada koun: HUM lakin dunia me sabse acha dost kaun: HUM TUM

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6 years ago

Life Is A Heart Attack.
Luv is A Medicine.. Luvr is A Treatmnet.. But,
FRND is A Doctor..

How Are You ..My Lovable Doctor

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6 years ago

Every normal person has 72 heart beats, but 4 myself its 73. The extra 1 is your smile. So dont stop your smile, it will effect my heart.

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6 years ago

I was never tired of this life and it-s not gonna matter if I fall down twice, coz I know each time I fall, you won-t let me hit the ground. Thanks for being around.

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6 years ago

Friendship is a collection of heart.
Not a selection of heart.
All friends are not true.
But true friends are few.
One of them is you and you only.

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