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6 years ago

Achhe dost white colour jese hote hai,
White me koi bhe colour mix karo to naya colour banta hai par duniya ke sare colour mix krke bhi white colour bnaya ja skta hai!

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6 years ago

Friends are like fishes..
You have to sit patiently for a long time to catch a good one. Just like I caught you! So better stay nice otherwise…
I will FRY you!

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6 years ago

some most dear friends eventually are going to leave,
that's not the end
your story. Thats just the end of their part in your story

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6 years ago

always try to
spend few
seconds for your
lovest friends
even you are
one day you can
get free time but
not your friends

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6 years ago

don't forget me,
remember me,
these r all normal
quote's in frndshp.

but abt me itz
smthng diffrnt,dat
proudly say's

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6 years ago

i am not shakespeare 2write abt u
i am not shelley 2ring abt u
i am not piccaso 2paint u
i bn ur FRIEND

who just want 2say i bn always with u

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6 years ago

Dosti mein itna pyaar
Ke dekhna wala dang ho
Dushman bhi aake
tumse pouche,
Kya hum bhi tumhare
dost baan jaye…

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6 years ago

i always miss people close to me, wen alone....
But I Failed to realise dat people r born to lead their own life not to be with me

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6 years ago

Why is a group of friends called a friend circle?
Square - 4 ends,
Triangle - 3 ends,
Line - 2 ends.
Circle -has NO END

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6 years ago

Friends are like don't see them all the time, but you know they r there!

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