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9 years ago

Barish ki hr bund ek kahani h
Tut k bikhar jana hi uski nishani h
In bikhare hue motiyo ko saja kr rakhna
Har moti guzre hue pal ki ek nishani h.

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9 years ago

Agar aaP kisi ko dhoka dene me kamyab ho gaye to ye mat samazna ki aap kitne chalak hai
ye sochna ki wo aaP par kitna viswas karta tha....

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9 years ago

Sometimes in life
we run so fast that
we don't notice anyone
running with us.
We notice them
when we fall.

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9 years ago

Sweet Words...
U Can't Hurt SomeOne Who Feels Nothing Special 4 U & U Can't B Hurt By Anyone Unless That Person Is Very Special 2 U...

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9 years ago

Whenever U feel depressed, keep this in mind: "Things are yet to happen.. Life is yet to go.. This is just a bend, not an end..!"

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9 years ago

I can live without money,
But I can not live without LOVE


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9 years ago

Simple line...
"Empty Pockets teaches million things in life..."
"Full Pockets spoil's U in million ways..."

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9 years ago

soo small but inspiring line.. it can change some1's life.

"Pain is unavoidable
suffering is optional"

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9 years ago

Mistakes are painful
when they happen.
But years later a collection
of mistakes called
which leads us to success....

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9 years ago

GOD is always playing
CHESS with each one of us.
He makes moves in our LIFE
and then sits back to see
how we react to the
So make best move before

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