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6 years ago

don't fear facing failer in the first attempt bcoz even successful maths starts with zero...!

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6 years ago

you will definitely succeed in your life

if you follow all the advices...
That you give to others.!

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6 years ago

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions...... plz tray once.

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6 years ago

A Great Frndship Is Based On Two Main Qualities:
"To Find Out d Similarities"
"To Respect d Differences..!"

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6 years ago

Some times people are nothing.
You make them something.
when they Become something.
They feel that you are nothing..

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6 years ago

believe where others doubt.
Work where others refuse,
save where others waste,
stay where others quit,
and you will win
where others lose.

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6 years ago

i have many problems in my life. .
But . ,my lips
doesn't know
It always smiles.

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6 years ago

being a good person is like a being a goal keeper.
No matter how many goals we save,
people will remember only the one that you missed.?

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6 years ago

Believe correctly
Learn practically
Behave decently
Plan accordingly
Earn honestly
Spend wisely
Save regularly
Then Enjoy your life COMPLETELY.

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6 years ago

If life pushes you to your knees:
Remember that means it is the time to PRAY. So Pray before you face this action.

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