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6 years ago

When you believe some one deeply ,misunderstanding arieses but dont fight for it. Because some misunderstanding is needed for good understanding.

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6 years ago

If a drop of water falls on lake, it loses its identity.
If it falls on lotus, it shines.
If it falls on shell, it bcomes a pearl.
Drop is same but company matters.

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6 years ago

an excellent quote seen in a temple:
"GOD has time to listen.
Do u have time to pray..

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6 years ago

"Al Beautiful Things Start Frm The Heart"
"Al Bad Things Start Frm The Mind"
Never Let The Mind to Rule Ur Heart.
Let The Heart Rule Ur Mind!

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6 years ago

D Best Day of ur Life is D one on wic u decide ur lfe on ur own n u alone r responsible 4 D quality of it!

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6 years ago

Khud Ko Khud Ki Khabar N Lage,
Koi Achha B Is Kadar N Lage,
Aap Ko Dekha Hai Bas Us Nazar Se,
Jis Nazar Se Aap Ko Nazar N Lage.
True Love for R. vikram Dhaker

From: Raj_Vikram

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6 years ago

A blind man was begging in
NEW YORK streets, wid a board written

--I-m blind, help me--
A guy passing that side, saw him.
He took that board & wrote some thing.
On that day the blind man got heavy collection.
Many people started to give money.
Nw he got curious and requestd a pass-byer to read it ......

The way of expressing can change many things.
So express ur ideas differently..

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6 years ago

Log aksar dua karte hai k
"khuda pyar karne walo ko
kabhi juda krwaye na"
par hum to hamesha kahenge k
"jo na ho kismat me
khuda us se pyar krwaye na".

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6 years ago

Never give up ifu still wnt 2 try.Never wipe ur tears if u stil wnt 2 cry.Never setle 4 d answers ifu stil wnt 2 knw.Never say u dont luv if ur heart wont let go..

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6 years ago

Charlie chaplins words:"Life laughs at u wen u r smiles at u wen u r salutes u wen u make odrs HAPY..SMILE Plz..


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