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8 years ago

Always keep in mind

Success of our life depands on the quality of our thought,
but the quality of our thoughts dpnds on the ppl v meet in our life...

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8 years ago

Definition of TIME!

Slow, when you wait!
Fast, when you r Late!
Deadly, when you r Sad!
Short, when you r happy!
Endless, when you r in Pain!
Long,when you feel bore!

Sometimes, time is determined by your feelings
and your psychological conditions not by clocks...

Have A Nice Time Always!! smile.png

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8 years ago

sweet line after a huge fight

"Chal bhai ab Ek cigarette to pila":p

A sweet line for a friend when scolded from teacher:" Chhod na yaar ye saali pagal hai..!!
Apne piche hi padi rehti hai''wink.png)
A sweet line when a group members absent:'' Saala kahi ladki k saath kone me hoga''grin.png

A sweet line when any of our friend got dumped:'' Chodd na yaar wo Lesbian hogi":p grin.png

A sweet line to a friend when we were blank at exams:'' BC kitni sheet bharega ?? Thodi Hum pe bi kripa kardo mahraj'':|

A sweet line when all group got punished:'' Sab teri wajah se hua kanjar'' :/

With tears, the sweetest line when all separate:'' Jaa saale muh kala kar apna, Hum toh chote log hai na tum bade log hamse baat thodi
karoge''...♥ smile.png)

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8 years ago

Relations are like Electric Currents!

Wrong connection will give you Shocks throughout your life..

But the Right ones will Light Up your Life... smile.png

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8 years ago

Lead your life similar to a dictionary ..!

Providing meaning to only those who refer you ...!!!.smile.png

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8 years ago

Morning is the best time to greet
coz the remaining hours
soon will be busy.
So let me say
Have A Good Day

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8 years ago

"Respect the person who expect a smile from you..
Surprise the person who never expected anything from you...

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8 years ago

Life brings tears,
smiles and memories. The tears
dry, the smiles fade, but the
memories last forever...

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8 years ago

Happiness is a delicate Balance of what one wants & one has. It's an Inner Joy that can be sought & caught but Never Taught & Bought.

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8 years ago

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anybody can start today and make a new ending...

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