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6 years ago

A man was polishing his new car.

His 4yr old son was scratching lines on car with a stone

In anger man hit son-s hand by hammer.

Child lost all fingers

Child- Dad wen will my fingers grow back..

Man was hurt & speechless

He went back & kicked car & saw child had written LOVE U DAD

Dad was filled wit tears..
Anger & Love have no limits

Always remembr-Things are to be used & people r 2 be loved
In world People r used & things r loved.. ..


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6 years ago

Love yourself ,
Flirt with your understanding,
Romance with your dreams,
Get engaged with simplicity,
Marry genuineness,
Divorce the ego.
That-s good life..

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6 years ago



Coz In Life, SOMETHING Will Leave U,

But SOMONE will Always Love You..

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6 years ago

Film -Loot le India-
Hero:Manmohan Singh
Heroine-Soniya Gandhi
Script bytongue.png.Chidambram
Gust appearance -Rahul G
Comedy:sharad Pawar
Supporting actor:suresh Kalmadi
Choreographer: Sheila Dixit:
Action:Mamata Banerji,
Music by:Nira Radia
Produced By:
130 crore Poor Hindustan corp.Ltd.
- Jago bharat jago -
Forward this Massage to all hindustani.

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6 years ago

Life is a great travel trip!
But the problem is that it doesn-t come with a map..
We have to search our own ways to reach the destinations

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6 years ago

Frnds I-m Collecting
Gandhiji-s Photos.
Give ur Contribution
2 my Collection.
A small Condition is -
It must be on
500 or 1000 Rupees Note.

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6 years ago

god luvs u so much tht he turns his ear 2 uconstantly..
he always answers ur request..
may b not wid a YES
bt always wid wat is BEST

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6 years ago

A Real Truth Of Life:
"Missing Someone Can Turn From Pain To Pleasure"


"We Get To Know They Were Also Missing Us Too!"

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6 years ago

Everything abt da future z uncertain.. Bt 1 thing is sure, dat God has already arranged all our tomoro-s.. We just have to wait and trust Him..!

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6 years ago

If u find someone is not comfortable with u, just come out of their life b4 they start hating u.

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