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9 years ago

One sided love,
Silent Mode Mobiles,
Bus stand coMedies
Canteen foods,
Escape froM seMinars,
Last period galataas,
Birthday treats,
Last Minute preparation,
Over nėght study for next day exaM,
Friend-faMily functions,
Internal Marks probleM,
Mass bunk for a filM,
Waiting for feb14,
shortage of pocket Money
and attendance
those day willnever coMe again
From: aNAs111

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9 years ago

Life of a student:

Wallet hai, paise nahi
Lecture hai, attendance nahi
Mobile hai, balance nahi
Friends hai boyfriend ya girlfriend nahi
Exam hai, tension nahi
Padhna hai, lekin saala mood nahi!

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9 years ago

Studies have shown that majority college students suffer from intense pain of lower jaw
dis is due to uncontrolled yawning during lectures

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9 years ago

Teacher: Now, Sam, tell me frankly, do you say prayers before eating..
Sam: No sir, I do not have to, my Mom is a good cook.


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9 years ago

In Examination Hall, How do boys Manage the Time......
1. Watching the girls around.
2. Sighting the Lady Superviser.
3. Counting How Many Windows & Doors.
4. Seeing the brand name of the pen.
5. Reading evrything writen on benches.
6. Feelings for wasting yesterday nite.
7. Dreaming to study well for nxt xam.
8. Calculating again &again d Marks he can get, out of watever he has writen.
9. Thinking abusive words for the paper setter..
10. Watching d blank ans. Sheets &a

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9 years ago

PLEDGE collge boys:

India is my nation
Girls are my destination
Dating is my occupation
Sighting is my profession
In between,
wat the hell is dis Education

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9 years ago

What is FEAR .. ..

FEAR is that deep, wrenching feeling when pages of your book still smell new and d exam is just 1 day away!!

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9 years ago

First LINE 2 WRITE IN EXAM "all d answers written below are imaginary and work of my creative mind any rememblance to TEXTBOOK iz unintenti0nal and purely accidental..

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9 years ago

5 points thät pröve "U r a Nörmäl College Stůdeńt"
1)Unnecessary talk on phone
2)Plan each day 2 study but end of d day-"Kal se pakka".
3)U hav all d data but u work 1 day b4 d dead line.
4)Rite now U r thinkin of forwardin this msg to ur friends.
5)On each point U smiled,coz its true..

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9 years ago

U knw what is d full form of college..
C- Come
o- on
l -let-s
l -love
so attend college everyday.

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